5 Roof Replacement Tips for Choosing a New Asphalt Shingle Color

asphalt roof shingles

A roof replacement project may seem daunting, but the silver lining is the opportunity to increase your home’s curb appeal. One of the most exciting parts during a roof replacement project is deciding your asphalt shingle’s new color. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in the country which leaves you with a lot of options to spruce up your home. They’re economical, durable and complement most home styles. Here are five tips and tricks from our Knoxville roof repair experts that you can use in choosing a new asphalt shingle color.

Consider in-house colors

Your roof’s color should be in tune with the general theme of your home, especially the interior as it affects your home’s overall vibe and curb appeal. Make sure that the shingle color you pick complements your home’s interior to make it visually appealing.

Factor in the Climate

Picking the right color that matches your climate can help you save on your utility bill and will increase your home’s energy efficiency. Generally, darker colors absorb heat, thus increasing temperature in the attic. Conversely, lighter colors will reflect heat and keep your home’s ventilation cooler and reduce the need for a roof leak repair job.

Look at the Bigger Picture

When choosing a color, don’t decide based on a picture found online or a small portion of paint. Make sure that you get a large color sample and see how it complements your home and reacts to the lighting in your environment.

Variation Is Key

Monotonously colored shingles may look dull on your home, so be sure to have some variation in the color scheme and materials used to be cohesive and pleasing to give some spark to your home’s curb appeal.

Consider Your Neighborhood

Take a look around your corner and make sure that the color you picked blends well with the entire neighborhood. Also, do not forget to double-check if the color that you picked is compliant with your neighborhood’s regulations.