5 Ways to Increase Your Residential Roof Lifespan

one level home with red siding and a grey roof

Clean the Gutters

A clogged gutter system will overflow and encourage water to seep into your deck board for a residential roof along the gutter line. So make it a habit to clean your gutters every month so that your roof, the exterior walls, and foundation do not experience water damage.

Do Preventative Repair

Do not discount small leaks and the little things that might need repairing. Even the smallest leak, after all, can quickly become a large and expensive problem in the long run. Doing inspections on your roof can prevent long term roof damage.

Clean Your Roof

While a few branches, twigs, and leaves on the roof may seem harmless, they do give it unnecessary weight. Branches scratching your roof can also strip away the protective waterproofing granules, so have these cut down to prevent long-term damage.

Properly Ventilate Your Attic Space

Too much heat and moisture can negatively affect your roofing, particularly the actual foundation that puts the roof in its place. Moisture damage, in particular, can cause long-term damage to the roof and make its surface flimsy. Make sure your attic space has proper circulation to prevent this.

Professional Servicing

Finally, it’s always better to have a professional roofing company do the repair and maintenance work for you. Our team has the experience and skill to address even the trickiest roofing projects and ensure that your roof operates for a long time. Give us a call.