5 Ways to Make Your Roof Survive the Winter

big white mansion in the fall time

Making sure the roof is ready for harsh winter conditions is one of the most important steps in winterizing a home. Routine roof maintenance tasks completed before winter arrives can help your home stay warm and comfortable while also preventing costly roof leak repair caused by ice dams and leaking. 

 Roof Survive the Winter

Continue reading for four essential roof maintenance tasks to get your roof ready for winter.

  1. Gutter and Roof Cleaning in the Fall

Autumn ushers in the season of falling leaves. While these are lovely, they can become trapped in your gutters. It is critical to clear up the leaves after the majority of them have fallen. If you’re unsure how to clean your gutters, hire a professional. Additionally, you might consider installing gutter guards. They have no effect on the performance of your roof, but they do prevent leaves from entering the gutters.

  1. Roof Inspection Before Winter

Few people realize that frequent roof inspections can help avoid leaks, which is a shame because no one likes having a leak in their roof! Spring roof inspections can help you spot problems with your roof and get them corrected before the rainy season arrives. Also, a winter roof inspection is beneficial for spotting potential leaks before they become serious. Investing in regular inspections can save you money on repairs and early roof replacement in the future.

  1. Replacements and Repairs

Your roof inspection in the fall may have indicated that it needs repairs or maybe roof replacement. The sealant on shingles may be affected by colder weather. Ask your roofer how he or she will ensure that your new shingles get enough time in the sun to seal properly if you have a repair or shingle replacement in the fall.

  1. Check Attic Insulation and Ventilation

It’s going to get much colder in the next few months. Having appropriate attic insulation and ventilation is one of the most important methods to remain warm, save money on utilities, and safeguard the integrity of your roof. Insulation keeps the heat in, reducing the amount of money spent on heating.

Insulation keeps the surface of your shingles cooler, which helps prevent ice dams and the damage they cause. Have a roofing professional inspect your insulation and ventilation, particularly if you had an ice dam last year, and determine whether it needs to be replaced.

  1. Cut Back on Trees and Branches

Do you have trees that are close to your roof or that have overhanging branches? The harsh weather that occurs throughout the winter months might result in branches falling on your roof, causing substantial damage in certain circumstances. Remove tree limbs and branches that are in contact with or hanging over your home.

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