Home Improvement Projects That Increase Weather Resistance

new gutters and windows

Summer is one of the best seasons to do home improvement projects. The weather is usually warm and sunny, which makes it the perfect time to bolster your home’s weather resistance. Innovative Roofing and Siding discusses projects you should try this summer to improve your home’s weather resistance.

Siding Installation or Replacement

Your siding isn’t just there to look pretty; like your roofing, it plays a critical role in ventilating and insulating your home. Siding can be low-maintenance and attractive, and can also make your home more energy-efficient. Some types of siding can create an insulating barrier between conditioned indoor air and outdoor elements. This ensures that there’s less heat exchange, meaning you require less energy to heat or cool your home.

Replace Your Windows

The windows in your home aren’t just there to increase your property’s curb appeal. It also plays a big role in protecting your home from the elements; not to mention its ventilative and insulating properties. If you have old windows that are in disrepair, now’s a good time to replace them. You can find windows that are energy-efficient and low maintenance, and can resist strong winds and prevent water from intruding.

Gutter Maintenance

Finally, we suggest that you do gutter maintenance during summer since there’s less chance of rain occurring. Blockages are very dangerous to your home and can indirectly lower your home’s weather resistance. The clog in the gutters is heavy and puts unnecessary strain on your roof line. This physically damages the roof’s structure and may even cause your shingles to slip.

Take advantage of summer exterior home upgrades to increase your home’s weather resistance and energy efficiency! Don’t forget to call the roofing professionals at Innovative Roofing & Siding if you notice your roof needs a little love too.