How to Pick the Best Color for Your Roof

how to pick the best color for your roof

Your roof is more than just the structure that physically protects your property. It’s an aesthetic component of your home in its own right, and plays an active role in improving its curb appeal and overall look. Today, we discuss how to pick the best color for your new innovative roofing system.

Dark and Light

Generally, you should avoid dark colors for your roof since they tend to absorb more heat than they reflect. Lighter colors and shades, however, “naturally” reflect UV light, which is a welcome bonus since it will naturally cool your roof, attic space, and the rest of the home. If you’re set on using dark colors, go with browns and grays because, despite being classified as dark colors, they don’t absorb that much heat.

Shingles and Brick

We recommend picking roofing shingles based on your brick. While you can repaint exterior walls, bricks are a permanent fixture in your property. Compare and contrast the shingle colors with your bricks and find out what works in an aesthetic sense. Even if the roof and the brick areas are relatively far away from each other, it would still establish a seamless aesthetic appeal on your exteriors.

Stick to Complementary Colors

One roof design mistake to avoid is sticking to one shingle color in an attempt to make your exterior aesthetics uniform. Picking a hue that’s almost identical to the rest of your siding will wind up looking too monotonous and lifeless. We recommend shingle colors that complement the rest of the exterior instead of matching them to add some much-needed dimension to your roof.