How to Prepare Your Home For Roof Installation

housing construction from the inside of a house

A roof replacement project has the potential to increase your home value and strengthen your protection against the elements. Furthermore, when you install a new roof, your heating and cooling system won’t have to work as hard, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs. Today, we’re going to share how you can prepare your home for a roof replacement and roof installation. 

Make Sure There Is Sufficient Roof Access

Your roofing contractor should be able to easily access your roofing system. Remember that removing an old roof and installing a brand-new one will take a lot of space around your home’s perimeter. Make sure that you clear your driveway and sidewalk before the roofing crew arrives for a seamless setup. Remove your cars and other valuables from their path to protect them from dust and debris 

Clear Important Items From the Attic

Remove or cover your valuables in the attic. If decking needs to be replaced your attic may be exposed to open air. For extra safety, move these items to a safe location until the job is finished. If there are heavy items that can’t be moved, cover them with drop cloths or plastic covers.

Adjust as Necessary

Roof replacement is a loud project. If you work from home, have pets, or small children the sounds of the job may become a nuisance or a stress inducer. Make appropriate arrangements to make the best of the situation!