Keep Your Roof in Top Shape With a Good Drip Edge

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The durability of your home’s roof relies largely on how well each of its components works with the others. Weakness in one part of your roof may compromise how the entire system functions in protecting your home from all sorts of threats. Today, we’re discussing the importance of a good drip edge and what that means for you!

What is a Drip Edge?

Drip edges were not always part of residential roofing construction. The popular belief was that roofs simply had to be constructed large enough so that their edges reached right over the gutters. It wasn’t until 2012 that updates to international codes were put in place so that drip edges became a requirement, particularly for shingle roofs. A drip edge is an angled piece of flashing that is installed over top of a fascia board. We’ll touch on fascia boards later. 

Pros of a Drip Edge

There are no “cons” to having a drip edge installed. Best practices in construction identify drip edges as integral to weatherproofing your home. One of the reasons older homes require roof leak repair is the onset of water damage stemming from the lack of a drip edge. A well-constructed drip edge will prevent moisture from seeping into the lower layers of your roof and stop premature deterioration from happening. They also improve gutter performance & provide extra winter protection!

Estimates and Installation

Drip edges should be part of all roofing repair and installation cost estimates you ask for. No roofing system is complete without a drip edge anymore, and any additional cost now may save you a lot more in paying for damage repair later on. Make sure that your drip edge is constructed so that water is directed from the roof’s surface, straight into the gutters, away from the fascia and the rest of your home.