Roofing Warranty Guide

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Installing quality roofing will help protect your home from the elements. However, there are rare instances when your roof underperforms unexpectedly. This can be due to faulty installation or unnoticed product defects. In any case, roofing warranties will protect you from these issues.

It is essential to work with a trustworthy roofer who can provide you with quality roofs and warranties for your peace of mind. It is also equally important to ask your roofing contractor about their warranties. Here are some of the questions you should ask:

What is a roofing warranty?

A roofing warranty is a written guarantee provided by the manufacturer or installer of a roofing system, assuring the customer that the roofing materials and/or workmanship will meet certain specified standards for a specified period of time. The purpose of a roofing warranty is to give the property owner confidence in the durability and performance of the roofing materials and installation.

What should I look for in a roofing warranty?

Ask your roofer if your residential or commercial roofing warranty coverage includes manufacturing defects in the materials and workmanship errors. Material-only warranties only cover those issues that may cause leaks in your commercial building or home.

Labor and material warranty, however, should include installation. Only licensed or approved contractors can provide installation that comes with this coverage. This also requires inspection by the manufacturer’s technical representative.

What are the differences between No Dollar Limit, Original Cost, and Pro-rated roofing warranties?

A “no dollar limit” warranty is an assurance that the manufacturer will spend whatever it costs to repair leaks. Meanwhile, with an “original cost” warranty, the manufacturer is only obligated to repair leaks costing up to the total of the original roof purchase. Lastly, prorated warranties lose value over time.

Who is backing up the roofing warranty?

Many contractors provide their own warranty against poor workmanship lasting as long as 10 years. However, coverage is only good for as long as the roofer remains in business. Since roofing is a “high-turnover” business, many roofing contractors go out of business within five years. That is far less than your roof’s life span. For this, it helps to work with a roofer that offers manufacturer-supported warranties in case you need an efficient roof repair.

Innovative Roofing and Siding takes pride in being a GAF Master Elite™ contractor. This allows us to provide you with superior roofs that can withstand severe weather conditions and strong winds for a long time. As a GAF Master Elite roofer, we can provide you with their best warranty available.

This covers 100% material defects for 50 years and 20 years for three-tab shingles. It also covers 100% of installation labor costs for the lifetime of the roof while three-tab shingles are only covered for 25-30 years. Additionally, it provides 100% workmanship coverage for 25 years including misapplication of certain flashings with coverage provided and backed by GAF. Tear-off and disposal costs are covered for both material defects and workmanship. Lastly, this also includes problem prevention with a 40-point factory inspection.