Tips on How to Minimize Storm Damage to Your Home

storm damage knoxville

Our homes are at the mercy of the elements when a storm hits your area. But it doesn’t mean you can’t take measures to reduce its impact when it strikes. In today’s post, local roofing contractor Innovative Roofing & Siding, Inc. shares tips on how to minimize a storm’s impact to your home.


storm damage knoxville

Protect Your Doors and Windows

Windows and entry doors are some of the most vulnerable parts of a home. Glass can be broken by airborne debris or by sudden forceful gusts of wind. Fortunately, there are ways to reinforce your doors and windows that do not involve boarding them up. One is to install storm shutters and storm doors. They’re usually made of material that can withstand much force, and they usually cost much less to replace than windows. Also, consider investing in laminated impact-resistant window glass.

Prepare for Flood Damage

If the local weather advisory issues warnings against flooding, take measures against flooding by preparing sandbags and piling them about two feet high around your home’s entrances. If possible, park your vehicle on higher ground. Should the need to evacuate arise, make sure that all electricity is shut off. Prevent searching online for a “roofing company near me” at the last minute by having your roofing contractor’s number—preferably one that offers storm damage repair services—in your contacts list.

Secure Loose Objects In Your Property

Loose objects in your yard can turn into projectiles that can damage your home during a storm. Make sure all patio furniture and things like your tools, lawnmower, and bicycles are not left in the yard. Toys and playsets should be picked up and stored indoors.

Keep the Tree Branches Trimmed

Even without a storm warning, it is good practice to keep the tree branches near your roof trimmed. It helps prevent scratches on the roof caused by sharp branches, it prevents animals from gaining access to your roof, and it helps prevent damage to the roof caused by falling branches. If you do not know how to trim tree branches without causing harm, a local arborist can do it for you.

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