Understanding Ridge Vent Leaks

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Your roof is designed to protect you and your belongings from the elements. A roof’s worst enemy is water penetration. If you notice leaks starting to form inside your home, it’s best to have a professional inspection completed to determine what’s responsible for the leak. Ridge vents are common problem areas where leaks may occur. So what are ridge vents and why does my roof need them?

What Are Roof Ridge Vents?

Roofs cannot function well or last very long if they have no ridge vents. The same is true if the vents are not appropriate for your roof. The ridge vents allow your roof to breathe — without them, air in your attic will not circulate properly. They are located on your attic’s peak running along the top ridge.

When an attic doesn’t have proper ventilation, hot air and moisture become a problem. Asphalt shingle roofs, for example, may be overheated from heat in the attic, causing them to deteriorate quicker.

Why Do Ridge Vents Leak?

They’re not supposed to. In most cases, leaky vents are due to poor installation. Improper nail size, no overlapping pieces, or sections that don’t extend far enough can all create an environment for a leaky ridge vent. Bad sealant, shingle wear, and flashing damage may all contribute to the problem area as well.

Are Leaky Ridge Vents Repairable?

Yes, but this is a project best left to a professional. Schedule a free estimate and have your roof inspected by an expert.