When Is It Time to Replace a Commercial Roof?

replace commercial roof

When you own or manage a building, you have to be on top of everything it needs, particularly the roofing system. Regular maintenance can go a long way in letting you keep your roof for as long as possible, but there will come a time when you have to Google “roofing contractor near me” because simple repairs no longer have a lasting impact.

When Is It Time to Replace a Commercial Roof?

Here’s how you can tell that your commercial roof is already past its prime and a replacement is the only solution:

Moisture Accumulation

While the presence of a small leak in your commercial roof might not be a cause for alarm, the problem is if you don’t know how much moisture has already infiltrated your roof. A professional inspection can tell you. If there is a lot of trapped moisture underneath the surface of your roof, such us in the insulation, that’s a sure sign of bigger troubles to come. It makes more sense to replace your roof than to continue repairing it.

Poor Membrane Condition

Roof membranes typically begin having problems at the corners, the seams, and the parapets. A roof leak repair may suffice if there is only a little damage. But if you see plenty of problem areas, your roof’s structural integrity is no longer 100%. This means repairs can only do so much before the leaks begin to worsen. Replacing your roof is the more sensible move at this point.

Mold Growth and Rot

If your commercial roof has a roof deck, make sure to have it inspected for rot and mold growth. If you find any, then the damage is likely worse than you think. Even if you replace the membrane, if the roof deck is no longer healthy, you are only applying a temporary solution and you’ll be spending more money in the next few years. Replace the roof, including the roof deck, if there is damage. 

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